Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sheetala Devi Mandir in Gurgaon city, Haryana

Sheetala Devi Mandir  in Gurgaon city, Haryana


The Sheetala Devi temple, standing near a pond, is dedicated to Mata Sheetla Devi. Sheetala Devi Temple is situated in Gurgaon village, a suburb in Gurgaon city, in the state of Haryana, close to New Delhi. Sheeatla Mata Mandir is sometimes referred to as a `Shakti Peeth` and is considered one of the most sacred Hindu pilgrimages in India. The temple is flooded with devotees, especially during the Hindu month of `Chaitra` (March-April). During this period also, the rush is extraordinarily heavy on Mondays. The only exception to the rush in the temple is in the Hindu month of `Shravana` (July-August).

Sheetala Devi Mandir is also a chosen place amongst the devotees for the purpose of the `mundan` (shaving of the head) ceremony of children. Legends abide by this temple also. A poor carpenter lived in Farukh Nagar, who had an extremely beautiful marriageable daughter. Due to her prodigious beauty, a Mughal ruler had sent her a proposal of marriage. But the carpenter did not want to marry his daughter out of caste, so he approached King Surajmal of Bharatpur to do something about the issue. But the matter was out of Surajmal`s jurisdiction; he refused to interfere. Next he approached Prince Bharatpur, son of King Surajmal. When Surajmal refused Bharatpur also, he revolted against his father and launched an assault on Delhi. While leaving for the battle, he prayed at Sheetala Mandir and swore to build a temple if he came back victorious. He won his war eventually and this was precisely how the temple came into existence.

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